CALLFORTRUST is a platform where insight can be provided into the trustability of online products, such as Apps and Internet of Thing (IoT) devices. Together with users, experts and scientists, we determine the criteria that provide clarity about honesty, reliability, safety, integrity and transparency. In this way we build a living online trustability index. it consists of two parts, an expert assessment and a user review.

The Expert assessment is based on responses from App and IoT developers to a 100-question survey compiled by the online trustability team. The invitation to complete the survey is made after Apps and IoT devices have been collected into groups of their objectives. We put all these online products on the website and they get an online trustability indication of 0%.  The indication is determined by a point rating for the answers that can be earned for each answer. Algorithms automatically generate percentages for each category of the online trustability index. All responses from the developer of the App or IoT device are presented on the website in full transparency.We assume that the survey is answered fairly, if not, the online trustability indication will be 0%. Experts and users can review the answers and identify incorrect answers.

Survey and reasoning

The user review is based on an average of user submitted reviews. The reviews are built up with a questionnaire to obtain uniformity in valuation. The review valuation is on general grounds where we recognize that emotional value makes a big part of it. The rating is expressed in stars.